The Only Scale-Out Enterprise NVMe Storage Solution That Lives Up To, And Blows Right Past Expectations

20 Million IOPS with 72GB/sec throughput per 2U and true linear scaling to 1000’s of drives and 100’s of millions of IOPS

When it comes to Big Data and Fast Data analytics and processing for the Enterprise, make no mistake about it, Apeiron’s ADS platform is by a margin, the world’s leader in performance, scalability and TCO. By removing all of the legacy IO blocking components, controllers, software and network switching required by traditional SAN environments as well as NVMe over Fabrics implementations, Apeiron was able to exponentially speed up the storage proposition.

Aperion saw early on that with the convergence of two factors, The advent of NVMe, and the increase in Big Data applications and frameworks adopting storage aware features, that the bottleneck to moving enterprises forward needed to be removed, work arounds were no longer going to be viable. NVMe removed the drive as the bottleneck, now the network was going to be the problem. In order for NVMe to accelerate the solving of Big Data challenges, an alternative to the status quo needed to be developed. By removing the storage controller, external network switching and legacy protocols completely, and by developing a novel, lightweight hardened layer 2 data transport over standard Ethernet, the ADS platform was able achieve a leap frog in technology, enabling organizations to adopt tomorrow’s storage technology today. Future proof your datacenter, choose the only storage platform that unshackles your data and allows you to move forward with the processing and analytics your business needs to stomp on the competition, and solve important business challenges. Cost effective, Controller-less storage without a complex network used to be unthinkable, and so was running complex queries on years of data in real time, but now you can have both.

Let’s face it, nobody really cares about storage, what IT and the business units they support need, is cost effective access to the right data, exactly when they need it, so they can take actionable decisions that improve the bottomline outcomes of their businesses and organizations.

All you need to know: You can make those decisions a whole lot faster and cheaper with Aperion, than with anyone else, period. Call us and find out how we can help your business or organization dominate.

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Apeiron joins the Carbon Black Integration Network

"The Carbon Black Integration Network enabled Apeiron to quickly execute upon customer requests for an externally attached NVMe storage platform," said Chief Revenue Officer at Apeiron Data Systems."



Apeiron’s NVMe over Ethernet technology provides an integrated storage and switching solution optimized for those applications demanding ultra-high performance that only NVMe drives can deliver.

Apeiron has developed an integrated solution made up of dual port PCIe HBA's and a 40GbE switching fabric with less than 1.5 micro-second latency.

ADS1000 Direct Scale-out Flash Array

24 NVMe 2.5” SSD

Fully integrated switch fabric

32 Apeiron Data Fabric Ports
Field Serviceability
Redundant PS & Cooling Modules

Delivering the ability to truly scale NVMe™ storage, networked to compute instead of captive to compute. Capable of scaling to thousands of NVMe™ SSDs, with performance that is superior to captive PCIe connected SSDs! Apeiron has developed a completely new storage networking technology for next generation NVMe storage: “NVMe™ over Ethernet” (NoE). NoE provides the economics and simplicity of Ethernet, in a non-blocking scale-out array. This is unlike any other storage solution on the market... and it is here today.

Key features:

Standards based 2.5” NVMe SSDs
Only available networked Optane solution
20 million IOPS in 2U form factor
Scalable to 1000's of drives and 100's of millions of IOPS
72 GB/sec throughput per 2U form factor
Scaling to Petabytes in a single rack with multiple rack scaling


40 GbE Data Fabric Ports
Dual port 10 GBaseT

A high-density dual-socket rack server, offering outstanding performance, scalability, and simplified manageability. Using the high-performance and energy efficient Intel® Xeon E5-2695 v3 Dual-socket 1U form factor application server.



Only Apeiron can deliver thousands of networked NVMe SSDs from any supplier. Because the ADS1000 was developed to transport standard NVMe commands it provides the ultimate flexibility and scalability.

A single 40U rack provides 100's of millions of IOPS and more than three Petabytes.



The ADS1000 provides a fully integrated 40GbE switching fabric and up to 24 NVMe drives in a 2U form factor. The integration of storage hardware and management software eliminates external storage switches completely.

By eliminating unnecessary infrastructure, Apeiron delivers dramatically lower OPEX/CAPEX.


The ADS40G provides the server to ADS1000 array dual port 40G connectivity. One or two dual port ADS40G-HBA's can be populated in the ADS-N8101 server. The 40GbE QSFP+ connectors support fiber or 1m and 3m copper cables.

A Few of Our Customers

Splunk> like nobody’s business

With Apeiron’s scalable NVMe network that presents itself as captive DAS to the indexers you can expect: 10X performance in ingestion and queries, 45X faster reads, and up to 90X on super sparse queries when compared to traditional SAN environments

Hadoop Craves Apeiron Storage

Hadoop thrives on NVMe storage from Aperion. At speeds nearly indetectable from server captive flash, and a truly linear scalability into the 1000’s of drives and hundreds of millions of IOPS, Hadoop no longer hungers for more, it can feast upon your data.

Intel notes partner Aperion's ADS technology

The ADS native NVMe (NoE) network allows Petabytes of networked Optane storage at server captive speeds (sometimes better). Until now, scale-out Optane was just a dream crushed by legacy IO blocking controllers, protocols, and software.