Carbon Black System and Storage Requirements for Endpoint Security

It’s not their fault only one storage provider can deliver the metrics needed to push the limits of their software and reduce limitations on endpoint analytics

When it comes to Carbon Black system and storage requirements one thing is clear, if you have hundreds of thousands to even millions of endpoints to monitor, any old storage won’t do. With Apeiron’s CaptiveSAN you remove all of the IO blocking storage infrastructure, unshackling Carbon Black, and unleashing it’s full potential. Scale beyond 800K endpoints effortlessly in the world’s fastest, and only end to end NVMe SAN. End the scale-out madness, and monitor everything effortlessly with Apeiron.

Don’t kid yourself, Carbon Black system and storage requirements all boil down to choosing the right storage option, and that requires you to go beyond the limits of scale-out.

Servers are the commodity and storage is at the heart of your monitoring success. Monitor more endpoints, more quickly, with less resources, choose Apeiron and find out why Carbon Black loves us so much.

Apeiron joins the Carbon Black Integration Network

"CbIN empowers its partners to position solutions beyond what any one vendor can provide with a goal to solve customers' biggest challenges," said Tom Barsi, Carbon Black's SVP of Corporate and Business Development. "By combining forces, Carbon Black and its partners can provide customers with integrated solutions that we believe deliver more effective security and simplified operations."

Aperion enables Carbon Black to run as it was intended

Exponentially lift the ceiling on endpoints in the world’s highest density, highest performant NVMe storage platform available today. Effortlessly scale beyond 800K endpoints using CaptiveSAN and Optane

  • 5.5X plus performance increase
  • 75% reduction in cluster size

Apeiron CbR-Qualifier Results

Optane performance can be used in several ways

  • Increase the number of endpoints to 880k for a 8 node cluster
  • Reduce to fewer cluster nodes (2) for a 150k endpoint cluster
  • Decrease the search/read latency to 1/10th of any NAND solution

World’s Only Native NVMe end to end Storage SAN

  • 20 million IOPS per 2U
  • Near-Zero Latency 1.5-3.0µs
  • 720TB in 2U
  • 96GBSec bandwidth

Cost vs. Performance vs. Consolidation

Used to be you had to sacrifice something, with the ADS1000 CaptiveSAN network you can have it all, extreme consolidation, extreme cost savings, and extreme performance. Sure you can prioritize the needs, but now you have more options than ever before, to satisfy your priorities, not someone else’s.

Call today and speak to someone that can help solve your most demanding challenges, and to provide a strong ROI case to the business