Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Access the critical healthcare data you need NOW with Unthinkable Storage by Apeiron.

Protect critical patient information and create new solutions faster with Apeiron’s CaptiveSAN. 20M IOPs in 2U, yeah it’s fast.

The CaptiveSAN is up to 90x faster and will shrink your datacenter footprint up 75% maximizing space at your healthcare facility while allowing you to manage SIEM and current research at blazing speeds.

Managing and protecting patient information has always been important, but now more than ever, it is increasingly difficult to insure that data is accessible and secure within large databases. Luckily applications like Splunk allow your organization to query massive amounts of information to find critical data and detect network intrusions. The biggest hurdle faced by healthcare companies has been latency within their storage network slowing their access to critical information. Upgrade to Apeiron’s near-zero latency CaptiveSAN and access all your data when you need it.

Whether protecting patient information or researching new treatments the CaptiveSAN will enable you to ingest, query, and secure your data while slashing TCO and increasing your query speed up to 90x with applications like Splunk and 49x utilizing Hadoop. Apeiron’s unique solution also allows for linear scalability as your storage grows so does the performance, each additional 2U adds another 18M IOPS and higher throughput (72GB of throughput per each 2U enclosure).

Secure your network and patient information while simultaneously increasing your research abilities. Contact Apeiron today and learn how we can upgrade your storage hardware or help you with a new deployment.

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Apeiron joins the Carbon Black Integration Network

"The Carbon Black Integration Network enabled Apeiron to quickly execute upon customer requests for an externally attached NVMe storage platform," said Chief Revenue Officer at Apeiron Data Systems."

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