Mission Critical MongoDB and CaptiveSAN

Give your application what it craves most: near-zero latency storage. A SAN so fast it’s undetectable to the application and CPU, it simply looks and acts like server captive flash, exactly what the application wants to see

The World’s Best MongoDB Architecture For Storage | 20 Million IOPS, 720TB,96GBs, Near Zero Latency in 2U

For the world’s best MongoDB storage architecture, look to CaptiveSAN, it’s all about storage and networking latency, the removal of it, and the wholesale unlocking of IOPS and bandwidth beyond your wildest dreams

Looking for the best MongoDB architecture for deployment? Always include a deep dive Into the storage and networking platform: remove the latency; add near-zero latency SAN technology, truly linear scalable NVMe storage, and solve performance issues, reduce data center sprawl, and realize the lowest TCO in the industry, once and for all. It’s no joke. Petabyte class SAN storage all looking and acting to the application and CPU like server captive flash, now that’s unthinkable!

The Only NVMe-oE Native End to End NVMe Storage SAN Available

We removed the storage controller, the storage protocols, and all of the chatty, latency filled legacy networking complex that has bottlenecked IO for decades, and replaced it with an entirely new breed of NVMe SAN storage. NVMe SAN storage in a headless state that merely moves the data packet from application to storage allows for near-zero latency (unrivaled 1.5-3.0 μs), and the unfettered access to unprecedented usable IOPS (20 Million), nearly limitless bandwidth (96GBs), and unheard of storage density (720TB), in the worlds most dense (2U package) and only truly linear scaling platform.

MongoDB Architecture

When it comes to the world’s best MongoDB architecture, one thing is for sure, there are lots of different opinions and ways of doing things in an attempt to extract the maximum out of the environment. Until now, most admins have had a limited set of tools in the tool box to address challenges that lie beyond MongoDB itself. When it comes to performance issues, tuning challenges, configuration setup and optimization, almost any administrator knows, much, if not most of the performance challenges that exist, are problems that have nothing to do with MongoDB, but everything to do with the latency heavy, legacy storage and networking complexes that connect the needed storage capacity to the application and CPU. Workarounds for these issues become eternally problematic, especially at scale. Scale-out, Hyper-convergence and other Software Defined Storage options create additional latencies in the process of getting more out of the environment. It’s true, they improve on older technologies in use, but are only temporary workarounds that buy marginal improvements at the expense of other inefficiencies. Why not choose to solve the challenge once and for all, remove the legacy latencies altogether.

Gain the advantage, remove your storage and networking latencies and realize performance gains you thought unthinkable, rid yourself of data center sprawl that is truly unthinkable and do it for an unthinkable low price. That’s Unthinkable Storage. CaptiveSAN

CaptiveSAN; the best MongoDB architecture for storage when applications need ultra low latency high performance, extreme consolidation, and a lower total cost of ownership.

When it comes to ultra high performance, there really is only one choice for your MongoDB deployment, CaptiveSAN. As the worlds only MongoDB storage able to network pools of mixed NVMe NAND and high performance Intel Optane drives in the same enclosure, you can squeeze every last bit of performance out of the application, nobody, and we mean nobody, can do that but Apeiron with CaptiveSAN. True memory class storage.

When it comes to mission critical MongoDB and storage architecture into the petabytes, it’s all about removing the latencies

Apeiron’s CaptiveSAN affords MongoDB near-zero latency SAN class storage in a headless state. With the storage and networking latencies removed, MongoDB has unfettered access to industry leading bandwidth, IOPS, and storage density.

  • 2U enclosure
  • 20 million IOPS
  • 96GBs
  • 720TB and growing capacity
  • Mixed NAND and OPTANE workloads
  • Mere 1.5-3.0 μs of added latency

MongoDB Storage
MongoDB Architecture

With IO blocking infrastructure out of the way, you can release all of the sequestered IOPS and Bandwidth available and unlock the full potential of your Big Data and High Performance Computing programs

MongoDB in mission critical big data applications is looking to see server captive flash in a horizontally scaling environment, but in doing so, scaling becomes the next bottleneck you encounter, and it’s coupled with server sprawl, and escalating infrastructure costs and overhead. What MongoDB really needs to see is server captive flash at scale, without the inefficiencies scale-out and hyper-convergence create, what it really needs to see is CaptiveSAN.

You can bet your bottom dollar that a big part of the solution to your MongoDB challenges will be solved with CaptiveSAN. Linearly scalable to petabytes of data, tens of thousands of drives, billions of IOPS, and nearly unlimited bandwidth, the CaptiveSAN platform is ready to unleash performance you have never seen before while running MongoDB. CaptiveSAN is so fast, that to MongoDB and the CPU, it simply looks, and acts, like server captive flash, but has none of the scale-out server sprawl and cost issues associated with typical high performance MongoDB deployments.

Increase performance by a big margin, reduce server sprawl, and lower your TCO with CaptiveSAN

Adopt CaptiveSAN, the best Mongdb architecture for storage by a long shot (even when compared to the most advanced options from other vendors) and increase performance greatly, reduce server sprawl by tons (literally), and spend a whole lot less while at it!

Call Apeiron today and unleash MongoDB at scale with the world’s best and fastest MongoDB storage architecture available. Let MongoDB feast upon your data, and gain the competitive advantage your business or organization needs before it’s too late and the competition does.

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MongoDB and Apeiron CaptiveSAN

When you rely on MongoDB to solve your Big Data performance and cost issues, there is only one storage platform, that in combination, will allow you to truly unlock the value of Big Data: CaptiveSAN

The world’s first near-zero latency end to end, native NVMe software defined storage and networking platform

Zero Compromise MongoDB Storage: CaptiveSAN

With MongoDB managing your data, shouldn’t you have something equally capable managing the data path? CaptiveSAN offers an historic first, delivering the highest performant, most dense, and lowest TCO, in the industry. CaptiveSAN, Zero Compromise MongoDB Storage

Near-Zero Latency Storage at Scale: Why MongoDB Craves CaptiveSAN

You’ve won half the battle by choosing MongoDB to gain efficiencies, but your data and the insight it contains is still being sequestered behind legacy latency filled storage and networking IO blocking infrastructure.

  • Unheard of 1.5-3.0 μs of added latency
  • Unheard of Usable IOPS per RU: 20 million per 2U
  • Unheard of Density: 720TB and growing per 2U
  • Unfettered Bandwidth per 2U: 96GBs

Unlock the Value of Big Data at Scale With MongoDB and CaptiveSAN

Traditional SAN, NAS, Scale-Out, Hyperconverged, and other SDS infrastructures offer little more than IO blocking bottlenecks, and unreasonable tradeoffs in the form of sprawl, management, overhead costs, and performance. You want to extract the maximum from your investment in big data by magnitudes, look at the solution differently, instead of adding layers and complexity in a workaround to gain minimal ground, remove everything, and get everything!

Take a Spin on CaptiveSAN:

We pass all of the performance of NVMe directly to the application with no IO bottlenecks slowing the data path down. Near-zero latency unlocks everything, IOPS and bandwidth in perfect harmony.

Near-Zero Latency SAN and What it Means to MongoDB: Everything

When everyone else zigged, we zagged as the story goes. Our engineers decided to look at the problem of storage latency from a different standpoint, instead of tweaking an existing already archaic storage process, they decided to redefine it, and remove it all. No storage controller, and no legacy latency adding network overhead, just pure straight unfettered access between application, compute, and storage.

We simply pass the native NVMe command from the application and CPU via a hardened layer 2 Ethernet tunnel optimized for transport, to a MAC address on the NVMe drive endpoint, with an FPGA managed process. By removing all of the latency in the data path, we unlock everything.

CaptiveSAN and MongoDB: Performance, Density, and Cost Reduction

Petabyte Scale Flash in an External SAN Package All Presenting to the CPU and Application as Server Captive in Terms of Appearance and Performance!

CaptiveSAN Networked NVMe Flash Storage is in Fact Faster Outside the Box Than Actual Server Captive Flash!


Why CaptiveSAN for MongoDB?

  • CaptiveSAN is the World’s fastest MongoDB storage
  • CaptiveSAN is the World’s most consolidated MongoDB storage
  • CaptiveSAN offers the World’s best TCO for MongoDB storage
  • CaptiveSAN is the World’s best MongoDB storage

Applications We Support

Accelerate and Scale Fast and Big Data


Questions abound when it comes to MongoDB at scale with regards to performance, architecture, scaling, and overall best storage and compute practices. Some of those questions surround the topics listed below. Here at Apeiron you will hear us preach over and over again that latency is the key to unlocking the value of Big Data, your Big Data. It’s really quite simple, remove the latency and forgo workarounds and you will see performance you never thought possible, unthinkable performance.

Topics of Most Interest to Users and Potential Users of MongoDB

MongoDB at Scale

MongoDB Query Performance

Improve MongoDB Query Performance

MongoDB Query Performance Tuning


You don’t know, what you don’t know, contact us today and let us help you understand what’s possible with MongoDB, native, end to end NVMe, and Apeiron’s breakthrough CaptiveSAN technology. You will be shocked at what you are missing.


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