Mission Critical MongoDB and CaptiveSAN

Give your application what it craves most: near-zero latency storage. A SAN so fast it’s undetectable to the application and CPU, it simply looks and acts like server captive flash, exactly what the application wants to see

Scaling MongoDB With Near-Zero Latency SAN, 20 Million Usable IOPS, 720TB, 96GB\s Per 2U CaptiveSAN Array

Scaling MongoDB | CaptiveSAN storage at scale for mission critical MongoDB applications into the petabytes, all while simply looking and acting transparently like server captive flash at scale rules the day

Scaling MongoDB; accelerate with Apeiron CaptiveSAN. With CaptiveSAN software defined storage and networking (SDSAN) removing almost all of the latency in the legacy storage and networking stacks, we enable NVMe technology to unleash it’s full performance on your application. With the latency all but gone, you no longer have to watch idly while all of your IOPS and bandwidth are sequestered behind legacy controllers and protocols. We all know that those metrics are useless unless you can remove the legacy latency from the data path, in most cases what vendors tout in their marketing materials are no where near what you see in the data center due to testing metrics that avoid the latency filled data path. With Aperion CaptiveSAN removing the latencies, you can fully tap all available IOPS and bandwidth while simultaneously mitigating server sprawl in scale-out environments. When other vendors point to latencies in the milliseconds, 2000-3000 microseconds, CaptiveSAN does the Unthinkable and reduces that to 1.5-3.0 μs microseconds. It does so in a SAN package for easy maintenance, scalability, and usability.

The World’s First Near Zero Latency SAN: 20 Million Accessible IOPS in 2U \ 24 Drive NVMe Package

  • Unheard of Near Zero Latency (1.5-3.0 μs)
  • 720TB Native End to End NVMe storage in 2U
  • 96GB\s Linear Scaling Bandwidth
  • Linear Scaling to Billions of IOPS
  • Linear Scaling to Tens of Thousands of Drives
  • Nearly Unlimited Bandwidth by Todays Standards
  • Most Consolidated Storage in the Market

What does this all mean?

Consolidation in the datacenter by up to 93% when compared to current SSD solutions using scale-out, even more so when looking at traditional SAN and NAS options

Application performance increases well into the hundreds and thousands of %’s over current technologies including scale-out flash and HCI

When it comes to ingesting, indexing, querying and reporting for mission critical applications and your Big Data, look no further, you will be astonished at what we did by removing the latencies in the legacy storage and networking complexes, the Unthinkable…

CaptiveSAN as an externally networked pool of storage in a true linear scaling SAN into the petabytes of capacity, simply appears and acts like server captive flash to the application and CPU. Give your application what it craves most, externally networked flash that is transparent to the application and CPU at scale!

The world’s lowest latency, highest performant sharded MongoDB storage array will improve scalability and reduce data center sprawl. Say goodbye to scale-out server sprawl from excessive sharding and clustering, and say hello to real time data you can use. Scale storage independently of compute without compromise and without the complexity and latency of other solutions available today. SAN the way it should be.

More on CaptiveSAN

Many people ask us why we don’t consider ourselves a storage company when we clearly sell a storage array full of NVMe drives.

It’s true we do sell storage, but at our core, what we really do is develop and sell software that does the Unthinkable, it enables your applications to access other people’s storage in an unfettered way. Something nobody else has been able to do.

We built a storage array because we had to, nobody else would. With legacy latencies affording bloated multi-billion dollar storage companies a path to an ever -increasing pool of revenue attached to scale out and HCI architectures, they simply had no incentive to reduce your cost outlay when you needed more. Our array is as commercial of the shelf (COTS) as you can get today. We are drive agnostic, you can not only use any NVMe off the shelf drive in our array, you can also mix them in the same enclosure to ensure application efficiency, NAND and Optane in perfect harmony. Capacity upgrades, no problem, just replace the drives with drives of bigger capacity and you are off and running, no bulky software to manage, and no more racks of hardware to install sucking up power, cooling and management overhead costs. We built our data transport layer on standard Ethernet infrastructure; so all the switches, ports and cables are industry standard gear found anywhere. What we did do was utilize the hardware in infrastructure in a novel way to remove the latencies typically found in those technologies. In doing so we unlocked everything your application needed to perform in a true linear scaling platform, billions of accessible IOPS, nearly unlimited bandwidth, and an unheard of consolidation factor. Simply put, we get exponentially more from exponentially less than anyone else by a long shot, it’s Unthinkable, but true.

We look at ourselves as an ingredient company

In your Big Data recipe, we supply the key ingredient needed to get the most out of your Big Data applications, that’s it. Our ingredient is the software defined storage and networking that not only removes the legacy latency in the data path, but allows for the unimpeded transportation of the native NVMe command from the application to the NVMe drive end point, with almost no intervention. It’s never been done before, and Unthinkable when it comes to Storage and your Big Data.

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MongoDB and Apeiron CaptiveSAN

When you rely on MongoDB to solve your Big Data performance and cost issues, there is only one storage platform, that in combination, will allow you to truly unlock the value of Big Data: CaptiveSAN

The world’s first near-zero latency end to end, native NVMe software defined storage and networking platform

Zero Compromise MongoDB Storage: CaptiveSAN

With MongoDB managing your data, shouldn’t you have something equally capable managing the data path? CaptiveSAN offers an historic first, delivering the highest performant, most dense, and lowest TCO, in the industry. CaptiveSAN, Zero Compromise MongoDB Storage

Near-Zero Latency Storage at Scale: Why MongoDB Craves CaptiveSAN

You’ve won half the battle by choosing MongoDB to gain efficiencies, but your data and the insight it contains is still being sequestered behind legacy latency filled storage and networking IO blocking infrastructure.

  • Unheard of 1.5-3.0 μs of added latency
  • Unheard of Usable IOPS per RU: 20 million per 2U
  • Unheard of Density: 720TB and growing per 2U
  • Unfettered Bandwidth per 2U: 96GBs

Unlock the Value of Big Data at Scale With MongoDB and CaptiveSAN

Traditional SAN, NAS, Scale-Out, Hyperconverged, and other SDS infrastructures offer little more than IO blocking bottlenecks, and unreasonable tradeoffs in the form of sprawl, management, overhead costs, and performance. You want to extract the maximum from your investment in big data by magnitudes, look at the solution differently, instead of adding layers and complexity in a workaround to gain minimal ground, remove everything, and get everything!

Take a Spin on CaptiveSAN:

We pass all of the performance of NVMe directly to the application with no IO bottlenecks slowing the data path down. Near-zero latency unlocks everything, IOPS and bandwidth in perfect harmony.

Near-Zero Latency SAN and What it Means to MongoDB: Everything

When everyone else zigged, we zagged as the story goes. Our engineers decided to look at the problem of storage latency from a different standpoint, instead of tweaking an existing already archaic storage process, they decided to redefine it, and remove it all. No storage controller, and no legacy latency adding network overhead, just pure straight unfettered access between application, compute, and storage.

We simply pass the native NVMe command from the application and CPU via a hardened layer 2 Ethernet tunnel optimized for transport, to a MAC address on the NVMe drive endpoint, with an FPGA managed process. By removing all of the latency in the data path, we unlock everything.

CaptiveSAN and MongoDB: Performance, Density, and Cost Reduction

Petabyte Scale Flash in an External SAN Package All Presenting to the CPU and Application as Server Captive in Terms of Appearance and Performance!

CaptiveSAN Networked NVMe Flash Storage is in Fact Faster Outside the Box Than Actual Server Captive Flash!


Why CaptiveSAN for MongoDB?

  • CaptiveSAN is the World’s fastest MongoDB storage
  • CaptiveSAN is the World’s most consolidated MongoDB storage
  • CaptiveSAN offers the World’s best TCO for MongoDB storage
  • CaptiveSAN is the World’s best MongoDB storage

Applications We Support

Accelerate and Scale Fast and Big Data


Questions abound when it comes to MongoDB at scale with regards to performance, architecture, scaling, and overall best storage and compute practices. Some of those questions surround the topics listed below. Here at Apeiron you will hear us preach over and over again that latency is the key to unlocking the value of Big Data, your Big Data. It’s really quite simple, remove the latency and forgo workarounds and you will see performance you never thought possible, unthinkable performance.

Topics of Most Interest to Users and Potential Users of MongoDB

MongoDB at Scale

MongoDB Query Performance

Improve MongoDB Query Performance

MongoDB Query Performance Tuning


You don’t know, what you don’t know, contact us today and let us help you understand what’s possible with MongoDB, native, end to end NVMe, and Apeiron’s breakthrough CaptiveSAN technology. You will be shocked at what you are missing.


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